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All-Genres Romance Giveaway

November 5-25


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Whether staring up at the stars or lounging on a soft, furry rug in front of a hearth, nothing is more romantic than snuggle-time beside a roaring fire. Join us for a celebratory giveaway of the season. You could win a Kindle Fire, ebook prize pack, or Amazon gift card!


Enjoy every minute of fall’s romantic days and nights with our page full of discount ebooks. Over 40 titles, every one of them 2.99 or less, plus don’t miss out on the FREE Shortie Download and bonus giveaway!


(This giveaway is sponsored by the 44 authors listed below)


Amanda Uhl • Ashlee Price • Aubrey Wynne • Carrie Whitethorne • Constance Bretes • Crystal Dawn • Debbie White • Elizabeth Sa Fleur • Fiona Murphy • Gemma Snow • Holly Cortelyou • Honey Phillips • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • JC Andrijeski • Jennifer Wilck • Jordyn White • Josie Riviera • Karyn Gerrard • Laura A. Barnes • Laura Ashwood • Leigh LaValle • Linda Mooney • Liz Durano • Lucy Lakestone • Maria Geraci • Marilyn Peake • Melissa Belle • Mona Sedrak • Nina Crespo • S.L. Sterling • Shaniel Watson • Simone Leigh • Soraya Naomi • Stacy Gold • Stephanie Queen • Suzanne Jenkins • Tabitha Barret • Tena Stetler • Tracey Cramer-Kelly • Victoria Grant • Zoe Dawson • Zoey Gong • Aileen Harkwood




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 Rescued By the Captain was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 5 stars.

 "The plot was masterly planned and executed with a steady and smooth pace. It was impossible to put the book down

 because the treason and romance plot kept evolving on each page."

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 Rescued By the Spy was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 4 1/2 stars.

 "I could feel their love and chemistry and must note that their love scenes are spicy. However, it’s par for the course

 since the entire book is piquant!"

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 Rescued By the Scot was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 5 stars.

 "If I possessed a stamp of approval then this book would get triple stamped! I love when a book grips me and takes me

 on an entertaining joy ride filled with unexpected adventure. Rescued by the Scot will be going on my keeper shelf."

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