Whom Shall I Kiss - Teaser

Monday, February 11, 2019




       Love? She shook her head at the silly notion.  What more could a girl ask for?


       She could ask for a fellow who made her feel soft inside and gave her a dreamy expression when she thought of him. One whose touch made her shiver for more. One who had thick blond hair, she wished to run her fingers through, while his bedroom eyes devoured her. One who she wished would kiss her. One who stood before her?


       Sidney shook her head to clear her thoughts, closing her eyes. Now she imagined him in her garden, this wasn’t a good sign towards her sanity. As she heard a throat clear, she opened her eyes, to witness standing before her, the man who invaded her thoughts.


       “Excuse me for interrupting you again, but I wanted to apologize for my earlier behavior.”


       “You want to apologize for the very behavior you are repeating again?”


       Wildeburg smiled at her quick wit, “I was hoping this token would excuse my actions,” he replied as he held out his hands to her.


       In his hands he held a small package of her favorite candy, butterscotch. The candy was wrapped in Sampson’s paper tied with a red bow and a piece of the candy hung from the ribbon. Sampson made the best candy in Piccadilly. He moved his hand closer for her to take the sweets. When she hesitated, he undid the ribbon and pulled out a piece for himself. After no movement from her, he undid the wrapper and popped the butterscotch into his mouth. He closed his eyes and released a moan of delight as he savored the candy. Sidney’s mouth watered at the treat he enjoyed. She also gulped as she gazed at him enjoying the candy. His pleasure seemed almost sensual. Sidney’s teeth scraped her upper lip, biting down as she watched him. As he licked his lips, Sidney’s reaction was to lick hers’ too.


       When Wilde opened his eyes, he thought he would find a disgruntled lady, agitated for invading her private sanctuary. Instead his eyes encountered midnight eyes growing dark with desire. As he stared, her tongue slid over her lips as if she herself savored the sweet candy. Her lips glistened as they begged for him to kiss her, to have her sample the butterscotch from his mouth. He took a step towards her, startling her out of her daydream. When her eyes met with his, he noticed her confusion. He kept forgetting she was an inexperienced miss. While he was aware of the full impact of their attraction, she was not. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to draw her into his embrace and show her the passion they could share. But he understood that would scare her away. If so, he would frighten her into somebody’s else’s arms. Sheffield for one. No, he would need to slow down his chase. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


       Wilde cleared his throat, “As I was saying, an apology.” He placed the candy on her lap and bowed before her. With a smile he took his leave and left the garden as quietly as he entered. Never giving her a chance to comment.


       Sidney continued to sit on the bench in confusion. What just transpired, she questioned herself, unable to come to a conclusion over her muddled thoughts. Her emotions in the last few moments changed from caution, to desire, to bewilderment, to an utter state of awe. How could one man hold such an impact on her emotions? She wanted to explore her attraction to Wildeburg, but to do that, she ran the risk of a broken heart. Sidney had an inclination, it would be worth it. To experience what he offered her, would be a once in a lifetime chance. Why wouldn’t she want to grab it?


       As she glanced to her lap, she took notice of his sweet gesture. Sidney smiled as she unwrapped a piece and popped the candy into her mouth. Mmm. It was delicious, no wonder Wildeburg moaned his delight at the flavor. As she replayed the scene in her mind, not once did she stop to question how he knew the flavor of her favorite candy.