Addicted to Reading

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Addicted to Reading……


Yes, I am addicted to reading. I admit it. While I will read anything put in front of me; romance books are my crutch. For the last few years it has been historical romances. I have been addicted to romance books ever since I found one of my mother’s romance books in junior high. I snuck it into my room to read and have been hooked ever since. From sneaking them behind my books in school to reading them late at night with the lamp on by the bed. (Sorry honey!) When your husband rolls over, sees the light still on at 2 in the morning and asks “Are you still up?”; I think it is time to put the book down. But if that is the case, it is a book that is too good to put down until you have read the whole thing.

I’m funny when I read a book. I will jump all around the book, reading different parts of the book, then the ending. After I am done doing that I will go back through and read the whole book. I will even read a book that I am bored with. I keep thinking it will get better, usually it doesn’t but I still want to read all of it. Another aspect of the addiction I suppose.

I tried to pass my love of reading onto my children, but only succeeded with one. My daughter loves to read and has passed that love onto her daughter; who will act out what was read to her. My sons are another story, neither one of them will read a book even if they had to. Which probably explains why I was the one reading The Odyssey while my son fell asleep listening to me. I thought my other son would begin to love to read while I read him all the Harry Potter books, voices and all. But he didn’t.

So, as you can see I have tried reading other genres of literature, but I always end up with a romance in my hand. I love reading about two people falling in love with each other and living happily ever after. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

If you have any of the following symptoms you might be addicted to reading too:

  1. Will watch T.V. while reading a book (Multi-tasking)
  2. Will stay up to 2:00 am reading when you have work the next day (That is what Mountain Dew is for)
  3. Will say you are going to do laundry but you have snuck into your room to read (This is usually where you are caught by your husband or kids lying on the bed reading)
  4. Will always find a way to sneak a book into your purse (You never know when you will find a few seconds to sneak a read)
  5. Will already have the next book ready to read when you are done with the one you are reading now. (Have a full stack on the nightstand awaiting to be read)


Happy Reading!!!