Inspiration to Accomplishment

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Inspiration to Accomplishment


               Every day I imagine new ideas for a book or scenes to write. But most days I go no further. I don’t take those ideas and write them to create a kick-ass scene or the next great novel. You ask why? Well, it’s simple; I struggle to motivate myself.

               Having different ideas swirl around in my head is not a problem. My problem lies with sitting myself down and starting. I struggle with those first few sentences. After I accomplish those, I can’t get my fingers to stop typing. For example, I started this blog and couldn’t move past the first two sentences. I sat for a while forcing my brain to think, think, think. But it was hopeless.

               So, I decided to take a walk. And of course, during my three-mile walk, ideas kept popping in my head. You can write about this, or how about that? Ideas were flying around above my head waiting for me to write them down. Now as I’m sitting here writing this piece, the words are coming out quicker than I can type. But that is okay, I am finally motivated. When I take a walk, the open air helps me to clear my thoughts and focus on what I want to write about. How to write my blog piece, do I want to kill that character off, should I have them fight? I slip on my headphones, head out the door and let my mind wander.

               After I wrote my first book Rescued By the Captain, I struggled to write my second book. I kept writing, but the progress was slow. Sometimes for days, even weeks, where I never wrote a word. Then I came across a writing contest in November where your goal is to write 50,000 words for the month. I signed myself up for NaNoWriMo and figured this would motivate me to write. This contest was what I needed. I not only wrote 50,000, I continued to write to 75,473 words. But the motivation didn’t stop there. After I finished in November with my third book, (Yes, this is correct. I wrote my third book in my series before I finished with my second.) I completed my second book, the story ideas seemed to fall into place easier. So sometimes, you need to work outside the box and then return to a project for your ideas to make sense.

              Everybody becomes inspired in different ways. There is a writer in my writer’s group who gets inspired to write after our meetings and returns home to make progress towards her writing goals.  My sister only has to see a picture to inspire her to create, and she is off to the hobby store. Then TADA she has accomplished her inspiration. Sometimes it’s hearing a favorite song, watching a movie, or reading a book.         

              Whatever it may be that encourages you to accomplish a dream, find your inspiration. Discover your passion in life and make it a reality. Whether you watch a race on TV, to make you lace up your running shoes to train for a 5K; to taking a cooking class to make delicious dishes. For us writers out there join a writer's group or take a writing class to motivate you to write. Because deep inside every one of us is a desire to learn and try new things. I know I’m inspired now to keep writing; I’m off to work on a new short story.